Polyhanger Refresh and Web Design

Polyhangers Refresh and Web Design

Polyhangers Rebrand and Web Design Header

Polyhangers Refresh and Web Design

There is literally a product for everything. Seriously - who would've thought that there is a dedicated product for hanging poly sheeting? Poly-hangers are an extremely specialized product, with an extremely specialized market.

The client came looking for a refresh of the brand. He had a wide distribution network that still had to be able to recognize the product, but also needed to bring the graphics out of the early 90s and into a more modern style. He also needed web design and eCommerce set up, as well as updated print materials and labels.

I started this project while working at TRU Events, but the project was dropped after a two rounds of edits. Since the project was interesting (to me at least - apparently I'm fascinated by methods of hanging poly sheeting) I picked it up as a personal project and continued to develop the logo, site, and collateral.

Web Design

The pre-existing website is extremely dated. It suffers from a host of problems: images instead of text, no responsivity, and an extremely convoluted architecture. Basically a web design dream. I proposed a new layout, focusing the important information onto the home page in a single scroll. Large headers with stylized poly sheeting showcase the key qualities of the project and lifestyle imagery.

My one regret is that we were unable to shoot new product shots. While there is nothing awfully wrong with the current ones, having a combination of plain product shots, in action shots, and set-up shots would better communicate how poly-hangers are utilized. 

The site is powered by WooCommerce for easy online sales. Leveraging eCommerce and tapping into effective SEO will help retain the customer base and garner new customers that may have ordered from resellers or competitors. The customer database could even be utilized to send out email newsletters and re-order offers.

Check out a working demo of the updated site here!