Tokenmancy Print Production

Tokenmancy Production

Tokenmancy is a unique personal project of mine. It explores everything from graphic arts to print production to eCommerce and WordPress Management. I started it way back in 2015 as an excuse to print my own tokens (in the game of Magic, tokens are things you use to represent effects in the game). My goal was to become the "Tokenmancer" - a person producing these tokens for the wider community. I began to draw, digitize, and manage the production of custom these printed playing cards to sell online from my own eCommerce store and in-person at conventions and events.

The Artwork

Originally I started drawing tokens as a personal project for myself and my friends, printing them on cardstock and trimming them out on my own. I kept a fun, half-cutesy drawing style with thick outlines to contrast the dark and realistic style of the existing cards. For all of my drawings, I start with a pencil sketch, then digitize and color it on a tablet. 

The artwork is done both on my own prerogative and by suggestions and commission from the larger Magic community. And of course, Magic: The Gathering is a copyright of Wizards of the Coast, and I don’t claim to own rights to any of the characters, cards, or such.

Tokenmancy Examples
More Tokenmancy Examples

Card Production

When I began to look to increase production of the cards, I knew that the card stock and feel would be extremely important. It had to feel like a real playing card, carry the bold colors I wanted to use, and print consistently (since people tend to use them in multiples). After a few months of creating them on my own with a home printer and heavy-duty card stock, I began to research sources that could handle small, on-demand print runs while maintaining print quality.

eCommerce Platform

The website was a real deep dive into the WordPress platform for me. By leveraging my own HTML & CSS skills, I shaped existing templates and the WooCommerce plugin into a personalized, functional site. The site serves a dual purpose: it's both a sales platform and an art gallery. Check it out at!

Unfortunately, the demands of maintaining the site and my work conflicted, and I had to suspend the site temporarily. I am currently working on rolling out a new line of token artwork and other game elements in preparation for a grand re-opening.