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Rogue Deckbuilder Animations and Assets

There are a lot of channels on YouTube, and millions of videos. Even when you narrow it down to specific subjects and topics, you're competing with dozens of other channels. You have to make sure that your content will stand out. After building the visual identity of the Rogue Deckbuilder, I became the de facto brand manager. Now, I make sure that his videos stand out from all the other MTG content with bold thumbnails, graphics, and animations.

I also create a variety of video and streaming graphic templates (Twitch overlays, video and content layouts, and other graphics) on an as-needed basis. These help differentiate his videos and content from the hundreds of other streamers out there.


Every week, Rogue Deckbuilder releases somewhere between 5 and 10 videos. Most of these are part of recurring weekly series. I created visually distinct thumbnails and key art graphics for each of them. 

I built these as templates that could be re-used every week. Simply replace the main image and change the text and boom! instant thumbnail. This helps the day-to-day Rogue Deckbuilder videos keep a branded, but still identifying, look.

Creating established looks for recurring segments easily brings attention to unique, one-off videos with interesting designs that broke the mold.

N.B. Any card artwork is property of Wizards of the Coast

RDB Thumbnail - Modern
RDB Thumbnail - Brewsday Streaming
RDB Thumbnail - Market Monday
RDB Thumbnail - Commander Special


To add a visual impact to the Rogue Deckbuilder videos, I've created animations. Over the past few years, I've storyboarded, animated, and produced intro videos for the channel. These include intro clips, looping animations for video series, and even special pieces for specific videos. Not only do these bring a fresh aspect to the videos, but I've gotta say they're also extremely fun and rewarding to create!

You can check out a playlist of some of the animations below, or check out The Rogue Deckbuilder on YouTube to see them in action!